Begin Renewing on July 1, 2024

Renewing in the New Licensing Portal

  • ALL licensees are eligible to renew in the Portal, including Emerit Status, Reduced Fee, Extension Requests and Reinstatements.
  • Before attempting to login to the New LSBEP Licensing Portal for the first time and before contacting the board office for support, IT IS IMPORTANT that you CAREFULLY WATCH the short (17 min.) onboarding video (below) which contains step-by-step instructions with animated pictures:
  • After viewing the video training, click the button below to get started…

Additional Instructions for Provisional Licensees


If you are provisionally licensed, you are required to update your        Supervised Practice Plan to cover the upcoming Fiscal Year      (August 1 – July 31). Please submit an updated plan for approval prior to renewing your provisional license.

Renew Registration For Assistant To A Psychologist

The Portal will NOT be able process ATAP Renewals. To Renew your ATAP Registration(s), click on the button below to complete the ATAP Renewal Form and submit your fee.



A Licensee who meets the requirements for a reduced fee under R.S. 37:2354.E during the applicable reporting period and who are fully retired from the practice of psychology may be granted Emerit Status: Retired. A Licensee who is Granted this status is:

  • exempt from continuing professional development requirements.
  • will be classified with the status “emerit” and may use the title “psychologist emerit: retired”.
  • shall be prohibited from engaging in the practice of psychology; rendering psychological services in any form; and/or engaging in any activity that might be construed as the practice of psychology within the state of Louisiana.
  • is subject to license renewal in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 9 of the La. Administrative Code, Title 46.

Reduced Fee Requirements


Pursuant to La R.S. 37:2354.E.(1) A licensed psychologist who is sixty-five years of age or older may be eligible for a reduction in the annual renewal fee (one-half of the amount of the current licensure renewal fee) if he makes a satisfactory showing to the board, in a manner to be determined by the board, of all of the following:

  • is sixty-five years of age or older.
  • has held continuous licensure as a psychologist in the state for at least twenty years.
  • At the time of application, is retired from the full-time practice of psychology or any other full-time employment.

Individuals meeting this criteria will qualify through through the online renewal portal.

Reporting Continuing Professional Development in 2024

  1. EVEN numbered licensees will report 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the period beginning July 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2024. CPD obtained outside of these dates MAY NOT be claimed for this reporting period.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE (time sensitive): Please review the Executive Committee Emergency Declaration 6-28-2024 for guidance on reporting CPD in the Updated Licensee Portal; and for information and deadlines on applications for approval of unsponsored activities.
  3. Two (2) hours of ethics/forensics are required AND Two (2) hours of Multicultural or Diversity issues are required.
  4. There is no longer a requirement to report in multiple categories.
  5. Activities that meet ALL of the following requirements of the Louisiana Administrative Code, Title46, Part LXIII (LAC 46:LXIII) do not require pre-approval and may count for 100% of your CPD:
    • meet the objectives under Section 801.A.;
    • have an acceptable sponsor under Section 805.C.; and
    • be a live, virtual, or prerecorded workshop or conference, Section 805.D.
  6. For other activities not meeting the criteria above, a licensee may request preapproval using the following application:  LICENSEE Application for CPD PreApproval.No refund will be provided. NOTE: Preapproval is not required if reporting informal/non-traditional workshops obtained prior to July 1, 2023. However, you must use the CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT VERIFICATION Form with required attachments to upload in the Licensee Renewal Portal as your documentation.
  7. Find Applications for Board Pre-approval as well as Preapproved Sponsored Activities on the Continuing Professional Development page of this website.

Request an Extension on Reporting Continuing Professional Development

  1. Complete the Request for CPD Extension form.
  2. Save the form to .pdf
  3. Watch the Training Video which explains the process for obtaining a CPD reporting extension. NOTE: When uploading your Request for Extension to the portal, you will need to use the date 6/30/24 to enable upload.