NOTE: These are brief answers to frequent questions. For detailed information, call the Board office at 225-925-6511. The application form, instructions, and Law and Rules are all posted on this web site.


When do I have to renew my license?

A psychologist is eligible to renew their current license until July 31 of each year upon submission of the required renewal fee, renewal application form and fulfillment of all continuing education requirements under LAC, Ch 46, Part LXIII, Chapter 8.

Can I get a paper renewal mailed to me?

You may receive a paper renewal upon request. The forms are also available on the LSBEP website for you to download and print.

Can I come to the office to process my renewal?

Renewals are accepted online and via US mail. You may hand deliver your renewal, however there are several steps involved in processing a paper renewal therefore your certificate will not be available immediately.

How long will it take to receive my renewal license?

Online renewals are processed within 5 business days. You may however purchase an online verification of license immediately after renewing online which will show the updated expiration of your license. If you filed a paper renewal, the process can take a couple of weeks.

How do I request a duplicate renewal certificate?

You must make a written request via mail and include a $15.00 fee to the Board office to receive a duplicate and/or replacement renewal certificate. This request must have your signature on it.

I forgot to renew my license by July 31st. What do I do?

If you did not renew by July 31st, your license is lapsed. You must file an Application for Reinstatement, provide proof of fulfilling all continuing education requirements applicable through the date of reinstatement (if necessary) and pay the required reinstatement fee.

I forgot my login and password.

Your login should be “firstname.lastname” and your default password should be your Social Security Number without any dashes. If this does not work, please contact the Board office to reset to the default settings. You may call or email


When am I eligible to take the Oral and Jurisprudence Exams?

The Oral and Jurisprudence Examinations are the final requirements in the licensing process. Please review the Steps Towards Licensure and the Application Flow Chart which describe the requirements and process.

Steps Toward Licensure

Application Flow Chart

When am I eligible to take the EPPP?

You are eligible to take the EPPP once it is determined that you meet candidate status.

Application Flow Chart

Do I have to complete all of my training (including postdoctoral work) before applying for licensure?

No. You can apply for licensure once you have obtained your doctoral degree in psychology.

Is an online psychology program acceptable for licensure?

Online programs are acceptable if they are American Psychological Association approved programs. Please refer to the APA website for a complete listing of accredited programs.

What are the basic requirements for licensure in Louisiana?

The requirements for licensure can be found in the Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 46, Part LXIII, Psychologists 2016 LA Administrative Code. The Steps Toward Licensure will provide a summary of the requirements.


What is the deadline to earn continuing education credits?

The biennial reporting period is July 1st through June 30th.

Is it my reporting year?

Odd licensees report on odd years, even licensees report in even years.

How many continuing education credits do I need?

Report 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development within TWO of the NINE subcategories as defined under Chapter 8 of the Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 46, Part LXIII.  Also, two of the required 40 hours must be in the area of ETHICS or FORENSICS.  

What qualifies as acceptable Continuing Education?

Continuing Education requirements are located in Chapter 8 of the Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 46, Part LXIII. Psychologists.  Additional information may be viewed in the following document: New Continuing Education Requirements 2016.  To summarize the requirements make sure you have the following:

  • Choose activities that meet the objectives of a licensed psychologist under Chapter 8, Section 801.
  • Obtain the required number of hours within the biannual period July 1 through June 30. No earlier and no later!
  • Obtain two hours in Ethics or Forensics.
  • Report hours within two of the nine SUB-categories.
  • Complete a Continuing Professional Development Verification form for activities that fall under the subcategories: Peer Consultation, Continuous Practice Outcome Measurement, Professional Activities, and Self-Directed Learning.
  • Refer to Chapter 8 to classify your CE properly; provide proper calculations of credit; understand limitations for certain activities; understand the requirements for acceptable sponsors; and understand what qualifies as unacceptable activities.

If I take an online course that has an approved sponsor, do I report this as an Approved Sponsored CE or Self-Directed Learning Activity?

Any activity that has an approved sponsor should be reported as an Approved Sponsored CE, regardless of the mode of delivery.  Self-Directed Learning Activities do not have approved sponsors and there is a limitation to the number of hours that can be claimed for Self-Directed Learning Activities.

How long do I need to retain my Continuing Education documentation?

You are required to retain your documentation for a minimum of 6 years.

How do I report workshop hours obtained at a Professional Conference?

If this conference had an approved sponsor [defined in Chapter 8 of the Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 46, Part LXIII. Psychologists], then you may report workshop hours specifically awarded by the conference as Approved Sponsored CE.  In addition to the hours granted by the Conference, LSBEP allows you to claim 1 hour/credit for each day of registered attendance at the Conference.  Note that Approved Sponsored CE and Conference activities fall under two separate subcategories which enables you to fulfill your requirement to report in two of the nine subcategories!